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Our Most Popular Waterproof Socks

Why Drysoxs?

World Class Waterproof Technology

Our socks use unique DryTec® membranes which ensure that they are 100% Waterproof. Whilst providing market leading waterproof qualities, this advanced technology also allows our socks to be completely breathable at the same time, providing you with the perfect balance.

98% Satisfaction Rate

98% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are so happy with their waterproof socks, that over 98% said they were satisfied with the fit, design and quality of their product. We take great pride in ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards to ensure our customers receive the best possible product.

Among the Lightest in the World

Our socks are among the lightest in the world thanks to their advanced use of lightweight Nylon technology. This makes them super comfortable to wear when you're hiking, running, cycling, shooting, riding, fishing, boating  or doing anything outdoors in the rain.

Dry feet no matter the weather. Fantastic waterproof socks!


Excellent thermal qualities


The best waterproof socks for cycling... period


I have used these waterproof socks on many hiking trips and not once have they let me down


A Little About Us...

Drysoxs have over 40 years experience, designing, developing and manufacturing waterproof garments and accessories. Our waterproof socks are truly world class and provide the best in comfort and performance, we guarantee it. 

We use advanced membrane technology in our waterproof socks that allows them to be 100% Waterproof, whilst also providing breathability which gives you the most comfortable sock. Drysoxs have been designed for use in all sorts of conditions including hiking, trekking, cycling, climbing, camping, equestrian, shooting, running, boating, walking and much more. So whether you're exploring the hidden trails of Kakadu National Park , riding the rapids of Canada’ North, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, or just walking through the countryside, Drysoxs will not let you down. 

Drysoxs are tested by real people in real conditions. They are also subjected to rigorous internal and external testing on each continent to ensure that they perform as you would expect, dry, warm and comfortable. Some examples of the conditions under which our products are tested are, walking through shallow streams, cycling in the rain, cross country horse riding in wet conditions, walking through long wet grass, running in the rain and splashing through puddles, walking on wet boat surfaces and much more. In each of these activities Drysoxs has met our expectations, completely dry, warm and conforming comfort.

But we don't want you to just take our word for it. Over 98% of our customers have said that they are satisfied with their waterproof socks and they also love our double cotton matching everyday socks. 

We offer a waterproof sock for many outdoor pursuits in a variety of colours and designs to suit everyone’s tastes and personal styles. Stand out with our brighter coloured waterproof or cotton socks in lime green, orange, blue or pink stripes or try our classic look with solid black, deep green or grey coloured socks. We also offer a variety of buy one get one free options including matching double cotton everyday socks. We will get your order to you quickly with a number of delivery options.