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Waterproof Socks Mid Length

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Black/Deep Green
Black/Blue Stripe
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100% Waterproof

Fully Breathable

Fully Windproof

Thermal Rating 3

Mid Length

Light Weight


Gone are the days of wearing thick and heavy socks to keep your feet dry and warm. Our waterproof socks feature lightweight Nylon technology, which at just 50 grams, makes our socks amongst the lightest and thinnest in the world. When you’re wearing our socks, you won’t even feel like you have them on.

100% Waterproof

Our waterproof socks are 100% waterproof, keeping your feet completely dry in all elements. Our socks feature our unique DryTec® membrane technology that prevents water molecules from passing through the sock, keeping your feet 100% dry in all conditions. So wether it’s raining, snowing or you’re walking across streams, you’re feet will stay dry.


While some socks compromise on breathability, our waterproof socks offer the perfect balance between breathability and water-resistance. Whilst our DryTec® membrane prevents water from passing through the socks, it also allows moisture from your feet to escape at the same time, keeping them ventilated and dry throughout your activity.

The Perfect Fit

Elastane embedded in the inner and outer layers of our socks allows them to stretch and conform to the shape of your feet, giving you the perfect fit every time you wear them. The elastane also allows the socks to keep their original shape with use, preventing distortion and shape changing over time.

Warmth & Comfort

The inner layer of our socks is made from a super soft, double layered cotton that feels great against your skin and keeps your feet comfortable throughout the duration of your outdoor pursuit, wether you’re hiking, cycling, horse riding, shooting or boating. It also ensures that your feet are kept warm and cosy at all times.


There is nothing worse than wind and cold feet. The three layer design of our socks protects your feet from harsh winds, preventing them from passing through onto your skin. So wether you’re cycling to work, horse riding in the rain or hiking through the rainforest, your feet will stay warm and dry.

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